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sell my used jewellery near me in surrey sussex london kent
antique gold and silver buyer
old antique jewellery buyer near me

We buy ALL modern, antique and costume jewellery.  Oriental jewellery is also of interest including jade, amber and coral. 

Diamond rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, brooches, bangles, amber, loose stones and diamonds, cufflinks, pearls, hat pins, charm bracelets and much more...


In ANY condition - broken or perfect. With or without stones loose or missing.


We specialise in all items containing diamonds or items made of gold, silver or platinum.  

Such as gold coins, cigarette lighters, boxes, vinaigrettes, pens,  cutlery sets, photo frames, tableware and much more...

We guarantee we will offer you more than any auctioneers estimate and can make you an instant cash offer. 

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