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Oriental Antique Buyer UK
Reputable Antique Dealer
Chinese Antiques UK

We are specialist in oriental antiques and will buy ALL Oriental Antiques, Chinese and Japanese Ceramics and Works of Art from ANY period.


We buy ALL Chinese antiques including: Jade, Silverware, Paintings, Coral, Glass, Bronzes, Ivories, Cloisonne, Snuff & scent bottles cinnabar, Textiles, Weapons, War medals, Gold coins, Chinese jewellery and much more...


We buy ALL Japanese antiques including: Ivories, wood okimono, netsukes,  bronzes,  Japanese lacquer, Shibiyama inlay. ALL Ceramics including satsuma ware, silverware, tsubas, oriental paintings & prints, samurai swords, war medals etc and other oriental military.

We guarantee we will offer you more than any auctioneers estimate and can make you an instant cash offer. 

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